We want to ensure our group rides are open and accessible to all adults. As a result, we require all our leaders to be vetted.

The vetting process varies slightly depending on your location. However, all leaders are processed through Cycling Ireland. Vetting disclosures are valid for a period of three years, after which time, a leader will be required to re-apply, to ensure up-to-date records of all leaders.

The appropriate vetting forms have been included below for your convenience. Please click the relevant link(s) depending on your location, and follow the step by step process outlined. You are required to get your ID validated and this must be completed for your application to be verified.

Once your application has been processed, a disclosure is made to the Safeguarding Team within Cycling Ireland. Based on this disclosure, the Safeguarding Team will inform you if you have been approved to become a leader in your area. Leaders will only be given access to the online system to create and promote their rides, if they have been approved through this process.

ROI Leaders - Vetting application form

NI Leaders - Access NI information and instructions for vetting

NI Leaders - Vetting - Access NI ID Validation Form

If you have submitted an application, and have a specific query in relation to your vetting, please contact the relevant safegaurding officer:

ROI Leaders - contact Donal Gillespie (National Safeguarding Officer, Cycling Ireland) - email

NI Leaders - contact Julie Rea (Safeguarding Officer, Cycling Ulster) - email