NEW e-learning resource


Cycle Right is the national standard for cycle training and provides practical safety and skills training to promote competent and confident cyclists.

Coordinated through Cycling Ireland, this programme now provides an e-learning resource for those looking to increase their knowledge of cycling on the road and cycling with others. In particular, it focuses on areas such as:

  • Preparing for the road – clothing, helmet, bike, conditions and wayfinding.
  • Cycling with others – awareness of other road users, cycling in groups, cycling with children.
  • Being on the road – positioning, turning, other vehicles.
  • Knowing the roads – road infrastructure, slip roads, hard shoulders, cycle paths, bus lanes, rail tracks.
  • Visibility – the importance of being seen on the road.

This digitally certified course is FREE to complete and is facilitated through a few short modules.

So why not do something for you…engage with this resource at a time that suits you and become a safer AXA Community Bike Rides participant. 

Complete the course here - Cycle Right e-learning Resource.