Nick Sheridan on Bike Week!


With Bike Week 2023 now just around the corner, opportunities to get out on your bike are at an all time high. Across the Island, different organisations, from Governing Bodies to Cycling Clubs, are encouraging new and existing participants to be active and to get out on their bikes.

Community Bike Rides Leader Nick Sheridan is just as eager to encourage heightened activity this Bike Week. The long-standing Leader, who has organised over 100 Group Rides since his activation in 2021, is always keen to use Bike Week as a catalyst to open up his rides to new participants.

“Every year Bike Week, which happens at the beginning of the summer, provides a great opportunity for people, young and old, to get out on their bikes. A lot of us simply need that extra bit of encouragement to change our behaviour for the better, and Bike Week fills this role perfectly.”

Nick is quick to reveal that he enjoys the added emphasis cycling receives during this time, as communities come together to share their love for moving the peddles.

“Bike Week creates a buzz. As soon as Spring arrives, communities regularly think of Bike Week as they plan to launch their summer cycling season. In schools and clubs all over the country, the range of activities organised for Bike Week is staggering, with Leaders, teachers, parents and children all getting involved.”

Always keen to welcome new faces to his Community Bike Rides, Nick offers some advice to those thinking about hoping back up on their bike after an absence.

“I would encourage anyone who hasn't ridden for a while to speak to a cyclist they know in their area, or maybe chat to someone they see cycling on a regular basis. In an informal discussion such as this, all their questions will be answered and any anxieties they might have can be addressed. They might even make a new cycling pal!”

In closing, Nick also shares some advice for those consistent riders, as he encourages Community Bike Rides Members to leave their comfort zone and think about exploring somewhere new this Bike Week.

“I love to spread my wings on my bike. There are absolutely beautiful places to cycle in every corner of this country so leaving your county doesn't necessarily mean travelling long distances. The most popular spins are often those we haven't cycled before so for this reason leaving your county is always worth the effort.”