Crossabeg to Scarawalsh

Crossabeg RC Church
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For the most part, this 49km spin follows main roads and will be useful for people who would like to practice using roundabouts. There are five roundabouts on the route, but all exits are either left turns or straight on.

We meet opposite the church in Crossabeg and cycle for about 1km out to the main N11, where we turn right. We can dismount and walk across the road if necessary, as this can be quite busy.

We cycle all the way on the hard shoulder/cycle path for about 4kms to Oylegate, and then on to Scurloughbush Roundabout. We take the first exit off the roundabout (go straight) and continue for about 8kms to Enniscorthy, passing through Edermine and Brownswood. All of this section of the ride closely follows the route of the Slaney River.

When we reach the new bridge in Enniscorthy, we stop and give way to the traffic coming towards us down the quay. Traffic also comes down The Shannon, but care is essential here, as this traffic sometimes incorrectly takes the right of way. There are three lanes on the bridge. We use the middle lane and we stay in this lane as we continue up Abbey Quay. We ride straight through the town heading out through Blackstoops for Scarawalsh. Part of the road here is a bit narrow and sometimes quite busy.

At the Blackstoops Roundabout we take the second exit (go straight) and carry on for 5kms to Scarawalsh. Again, we use the hard shoulder all the way. At the first roundabout in Scarawalsh, we take the first exit (go left) and continue along the N30 using the hard shoulder for about 10kms. On a fine day there are great views here of the Blackstairs Mts. At the first roundabout we take the second exit (go straight) and at the second roundabout we take the first exit (go left) and we cycle for 4kms back to Enniscorthy on the R744. We pass through Red Pat’s Cross in Tomnalossett and spin down the hill into the town. A small tributary of the Slaney called the Urrin River, joins the Slaney here on Mill Park Road. We will take our break/coffee in the town.

After the break, we cross the old bridge in the right hand lane, and as we leave the bridge, using clear hand signals, we change to the left hand lane and continue down the quay on to the Wexford Road. We follow the main road which we rode earlier back down to Crossabeg. We go through Brownswood, Edermine and Oylegate. At The Fox and Goose crossroads below Oylegate, we turn left and ride the short distance back to Crossabeg Church.

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Money for Coffee
Nick Sheridan
Nick Sheridan


I live in Castlebridge in Co. Wexford and I am a keen leisure cyclist. I try to get out as often as possible and enjoy cycling mostly within my own locality. I would love to see more people out on their bikes, taking advantage of all the health and social benefits that cycling has to offer.

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