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Forrest Little to Coolquay

Forrest Little Golf Club
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8 Participants
All Bikes

Meeting at the blue gate inside the entrance to Forrest Little Golf Club (please don't block the entry/exit).

We will travel up Cooks Lane, turning left and using the roundabout to come all the way back on ourselves. After a few hundred metres, we turn left onto Killeek Lane and continue out by Rivermeade. We then take a left to Surgalstown before continuing through Kilsallaghan, Glebe Road and on to Thornton Hall. Look out for a right turn to Rath Lane, this will take us over the border into County Meath. From here, we head straight across the old N2 towards, but not quite as far as, Kilbride. We turn left towards the townland of Cluthe and go back to Coolquay Common, stopping at 'Bradys' for a quick cuppa.

Suitably fuelled up, lights charged & lit, we cross the main road and turn left at the Coolquay Lodge. Continuing up towards the primary school at Kilcoskan, we take the opposing right turn. We make our way back via Corrstown Golf Club, Surgalstown and Lauristown to Kilreesk Road, Killeek Lane, the Naul Road, Cooks Lane and back to where we started.

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Leader Recommendations
Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube


Having endured the more challenging types of cycling; bike packing, road and mountain biking, over recent years – I’m still keen to share & enjoy the more leisurely spins too. All shapes ‘n’ sizes are welcome to join me on my easy going and sociable spins. Hope to see you soon!

Leader Comments

Dave Conroy

Windy AF!

Knocked the stuffing out of us, lol!