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Solo Ride - November 24th - Cycle By Night

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Take part in this Solo Ride and earn one competition entry for the Big Community Winter Competition. You can also earn a second competition entry today by completing our 'Cycle By Night' challenge - all you need to do is send us a photo from your night-time cycle as your Solo Ride submission.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to wear Hi-Vis clothing and to use bike lights when cycling outdoors at night-time!

The Big Winter Competition runs from October 31st to January 31st and gives participants the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes, all while being part of something bigger! For full competition details, please click the following link.

To earn a competition entry/your credit towards our ride rewards, simply share a photo with us from your bike ride by email to communitybikerides@cyclingireland.ie or by messaging us on Facebook (Community Bike Rides). It can be a selfie, a photo of anything on route, or a screenshot of your ride stats, whichever you prefer! Solo Rides can also be completed indoors, on a gym bike, spin bike or stationary trainer so there is no reason not to enjoy a Solo Ride today. Remember to share the photo with us on the day of the ride. Photos received more than 24 hours after the ride has taken place, will unfortunately not count towards your ride credits. Please also be advised that we can only accept one Solo Ride submission per day.

Note that insurance cover is only extended for the duration of the individual bike ride you have registered to complete.

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Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube
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Join a solo ride and enjoy all the benefits of cycling and being part of our growing community, while being socially distant! Choose the day that suits you, sign up and complete the ride by yourself at any time during that day. Don't forget to share a photo from your ride with us so you can earn rewards!

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